Café 89

An inviting cafe in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, offering a cozy atmosphere and delicious culinary delights.

If you are looking for coffee places with outdoor seating, you can have the best coffee in Anuradhapura at Cafe 89. Cafe 89 offers great coffee prepared using high-quality coffee beans by skilled baristas.

The comfortable atmosphere at Cafe 89 makes it a great place to meet up with friends or relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Moreover, Cafe 89 is one of the coffee places open late until 8 p.m. every day.

Hot Espresso

Cafe 89 offers a range of strong, & concentrated hot Espresso that helps to warm the body up & provides a boost of energy.

Iced Espresso

If you love a refreshing & energizing coffee drink on a hot day, Cafe 89 has a range of Iced Espresso options.


If you are seeking a refreshing and hydrating beverage to beat the heat in Anuradhapura, Cafe 89 offers a wide range of delicious and versatile Frappe full of caffeine.